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4067 Lierse Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sun Shine In This song from Willy Sommers, a famous Flemish singer, was adapted as 'club song' by the Lierse fans Afspeellijst
6387 Union SG Brussels, My City About the lovely city Brussels and team Union. Afspeellijst
6482 Royal Antwerp Oh Royal Antwerp One of Royal Antwerp's famous songs Afspeellijst
6749 Royal Antwerp Hand in Hand, Comrades One of the classics song (of our friends Feyenoord) Afspeellijst
7109 Royal Antwerp Come on Cheer the Boys We go wild wild wild! Song inspired by Quiet Riot/Slade Afspeellijst
7186 Royal Antwerp And It's Royal Antwerp Antwerp Classic song, sung in English Afspeellijst
7366 Royal Antwerp Jews! They call us jew so that's we singing "Joden"! Afspeellijst
7676 Union SG Who Doesn't Jump Who does not jump is not Saint-Gillois Afspeellijst
8066 Royal Antwerp We Love the Great Old We are the only team from Antwerp Afspeellijst
8503 Royal Antwerp Royal Antwerp Football Club Great chant for a ringtone - goes on forever too Afspeellijst
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8679 Royal Antwerp We Are from the Antwerp We sing and drink the whole day! Afspeellijst
8851 Royal Antwerp We're No Rats, We're Coming Back Indeed Afspeellijst
9350 Royal Antwerp Goal Song Our song when our team scores a goal Afspeellijst
10003 Royal Antwerp We Love You Antwerp We do Afspeellijst
10134 Royal Antwerp Welcome to the Hell of Deurne Noord Would be good to have the native lyrics to this chant too - please let us know in the comments, thanks! Afspeellijst
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