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FanChants Belgian First Division B FC Index 'avin a go football songs

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3731 Royal Antwerp We Hate Beerschot We are Beerschot haters! Afspeellijst
3857 Royal Antwerp Royal Antwerp No1 Lyrics not supplied. If you know them please add them to the comments below and we will add Afspeellijst
4145 Royal Antwerp Lierse Supporters Lierse supporters are w*nkers! Afspeellijst
4241 Royal Antwerp Antwerp Is Coming When we play against farmers Afspeellijst
4288 Royal Antwerp Glory Glory Royal Antwerp Singing about the glory of Royal Antwerp Afspeellijst
4525 Royal Antwerp Who the Hell Are You Sung to the opposite team Afspeellijst
4638 Royal Antwerp When the Reds Go Marching in (Slow) Oh when the reds... Afspeellijst
4951 Royal Antwerp Sit and Shut Up To the opposite supporters who make a little bit noise Afspeellijst
4961 Royal Antwerp Sing When You're Winning To the opponent supporters - sorry baout the cut off chant, worth putting up though! Afspeellijst
5034 Royal Antwerp The Red Dogs at War Woof Afspeellijst
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5136 Royal Antwerp Your Support Sorry, the end of this chant is missing Afspeellijst
5201 Royal Antwerp Is This the Way to Antwerp Song of Tony Christie - Amarillo Afspeellijst
5329 Royal Antwerp Taste of Summer Sung by the fans after winning a game and having a party with our goalkeeper Sengier (Song: Sonic Inc - The Taste Of Summer) Afspeellijst
5463 Royal Antwerp We Hate Bruges To our rivals of FC Bruges Afspeellijst
5480 Royal Antwerp Everything Is Over Beerschot went bust again! Afspeellijst
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